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I blog every now and then, and tweet as @juliewedgwood on topics relating to learning, learning technology, e-learning, and life. These are my own views and any resemblance to those of my employer Sponge UK is entirely coincidental.


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Feb 01,2016

When I'm working with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) I always do my own research in to the subject be...

Jan 19,2015

In 2014 I said goodbye to some special people in my life.  At the funeral of one, my Uncle John, a ...

Apr 25,2014

I recently attended The Gadget Show at Birmingham NEC.  Deep in the exhibition I came across the


I work with organisations of all sizes, helping them to adjust their learning strategies to take advantage of the developments in learning design thinking as well as learning technologies.

I create and run development programmes for corporate L&D and academic teaching professionals, helping them to embrace new skills with learning design and learning technologies. My workshops are always highly practical and linked to organisational learning strategies or the individuals’ continuing professional development requirements. As participants learn, their practical work is directly linked to the workforce they support.

After many years of designing e-learning that is experiential and immersive, I have developed my own methods and toolset for producing high quality e-learning products that deliver tangible behaviour change along side a meaningful and enjoyable experience for the learner. I offer a design service and also run specialist design workshops to share my methods and experience.

Becoming a competent and confident with teaching in online environments take time and I provide workshops and events to help L&D/academics to develop these skills based on my practical experience of designing and delivering online learning in both the corporate and academic sectors

I run workshops to help individuals or groups to create and deliver professional webinars and interactive live online learning. Additional services include webinar presentation design, delivery coaching and on going support.

With the mix of learning methods now available, measuring the effectiveness of learning activities requires a very different approach.  I can help you to design effective tools to measure the impact of learning interventions to show if, and how they have improved performance and embedded behaviour change.

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