I’m back and re-connecting …

Apr 03,2014

I have been absent from my blog now for around 8 months. The reason for this has been a overly busy workload (not self induced) and trying to balance that with, family and all the other stuff that life throws at us all from time to time. Something had to give and that was my blog and most of the social media streams I enjoy, learn from and contribute to.

On reflection, I missed my personal learning network on Twitter; I missed contributing to many of the communities that have been so creative and inspiring in the past few years. Oddly, whilst absent my Twitter followers increased (why?) and visitors to my website who made contact went up. More people invited me to connect on LinkedIn. Try it, you might find the same happens!

But now I’m back, still busy. but not stupidly so, and loving what I’m doing.  In the last four days I’ve renewed connections, made new connections, recommenced my Find 15 daily habit of spending 15 minutes per day investing in my knowledge and skills, re-organised my content curation and generally reconnected to all that is good about the social web for anyone in learning and development.

I have much to share in the coming weeks from the last 8 months of work:  My gamification lens; the use of emotion in learning: the latest in experiential learning design; relevant neuroscience; a technique I call “crossing the glass” and that’s just for starters. There are loads of new tools that I’ve found in the past months that I’ve not had time to share.

But I will be … shortly!

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