The wonder of a little Gadget

Apr 25,2014

I recently attended The Gadget Show at Birmingham NEC.  Deep in the exhibition I came across the olloclip stand, staffed by enthusiastic and helpful (but not too in your face) people who just wanted to share their great little gadget.

Olloclip is a small device that you simply clip over the camera lens on your phone. It’s ridiculously easy to use and offers the expansion of four different lens : fisheye, telephoto, wide-angle and macro 15x and 10x and came with an adapted iPhone case to  make it possible to clip the lens on easy if you still want to keep a case on your iPhone to protect it.

Flower HDR

It just goes to demonstrate that good and successful design usually works best when the end user experience is an intuitive and simple one that allows the end user to focus on what they want to use the tool for and not on the cleverness of the tool.

So phone photography for me just got better, much better.  Do I need to take my other camera with me all the time now?  Let’s just say I’m experimenting in carrying less around with me – and liking it!





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